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Recently there have been a number of friends who have asked me questions in regards to contesting. Specifically they were asking questions which they ought to have known if they have been contesting long enough. So this Blog post is aimed at setting the record straight for them and for all those new contesters out there who wish to contest successfully.

Contesting Etiquette is an unwritten rule. Sure it has it’s formal roots which are those made up of the contest entry rules and regulations that the sponsor lays out. Rather these rules are of the unwritten variety which every contester should know if they plan on succeeding in contests and without irking many of their fellow contesters out there.

Rule #1 Do Not Post Your Link on Another Contester’s Entry!

This is a rather bothersome and contentious issue which needs to be addressed. When a fellow contester asks for votes, this is not an invitation to post your link on their entry asking for a vote back. This is a complete show of disrespect for another contester and can lead to disqualifications by some sponsors. Doing this shows a lack of respect for your fellow contester.

Rule #2 Ask Before You Post On Another’s Wall

There is nothing more irritating than seeing posts of others on someone’s wall asking for votes. If you need a vote, ask! Don’t assume and post your link. Many times sponsors check out our walls to see what we are doing. Perhaps they are looking to see if we shared our posts about their company and organization. Leaving a vote request without asking or any other form of media is tacky. There are times when it is acceptable to do this for example if you are inviting them to attend or like a page, but leaving your vote link without asking is tacky and disrespectful.

Rule #3 Don’t Hit and Run With Your Vote Request

This is a real irritant. Those who pop up in chat with vote requests and no sooner than they have posted the request they are suddenly offline. If you have the nerve to ask someone in chat for a vote, be gracious enough to wait for a response and repay the favor! Doing the Hit and Run is irritating and frustrating for many contesters and can cause anger in some contesters.

Rule #4 Send One Link Maximum Two In Chat For Votes

Oftentimes there are a certain few individuals who have multiple contests going on at once. I see this as being greedy. If you have more than one contest going on ask for a vote in your chat with one or two. I have better things to do with my time…like sitting here writing my blogs about it, driving a truck and working and entering contests than voting your 5 requests you sent me in chat. Send me one a day and I will be happy. My opinion, concentrate on one or two contests at a time and don;t be greedy. Save some for the rest of those who would also like to win once in a while.

Rule #5 Don’t Compete Against Your Friends

This is one thing that bothers me. Friends pitted against friends. I have seen so many friends unfriending one another over contests. If you can agree with your fellow comper to help you in the next one then stay out of their contest and assist them in theirs. If they were in it first, leave it to them. Don’t try to beat your friends.  I do happen to take offense with those who enter every contest they see. If this is the case, then by all means go against them. It would only be fair since you cannot expect to avoid every contest. To me there are some who if a person had a contest sign branded on an ass they would try to enter it!

Rule #6 Enjoy Your Contesting

We are only human. We try to develop relationships and friendships on Facebook as much in real life. If you are not a true friend and are using fake accounts to contest with then I would personally help you to the door to piss off. To me, Facebook contests are a social interaction. If you want my vote then chat with me, talk with me and enjoy my company every so often. Perhaps even learn what I am doing or what kind of work I do. Maybe read a blog or two I write. If your account is simply an “Operation Contest” Account and this isn’t the real you then by all means pack up your bags and leave my company. Otherwise, enjoy the company of your friends and ask for a vote…or two!

Rule #7 Don’t Take It Personal

If you lose a contest, don’t take it personal. Move on to the next one and let it go. Contests are like the Sands of Time. There are just so many with little time to do them.

Rule #8 Don’t Invite People Your Not Friends With

This one really pisses me off. I will be on the road and my Blackberry goes “Ding”, “Ding” “Ding”…each and every time someone responds to a vote on an event I was invited into by someone whom I am not friends with. My first thought…wtf and how did I get invited when we are not even friends. Then of course there is nothing I can do about it. Blackberry options are limited as to what I can do with my account. So I have to wait and bear it out.

Well there you have it friends. These are some of the unwritten rules. There are for sure more than this, but I am sure you will learn them as you go along. Perhaps you have more to add to this list. If you know more or you have something that bothers you, feel free to share them. Thanks for reading Contest Trucker Tips and Techniques. As always stay safe and enjoy your contesting. Have fun!

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Contest Trucker Tips and Techniques Sharing the Love


We all see it. So and so sent me to this page. I am here because of so and so. Whichever way we word it, this is sharing.Now don;t get me confused. There is sharing with the intention of winning and there is sharing with the intention of giving thanks to the person who referred you to the page. That is what the subject of this blog is about. Sharing and giving thanks to your fellow contesters for sending you to them. Why you ask? Well I will highlight the key points of this further on.

Sponsors Love it

Now some of you may disagree with this point, but sponsors love being shared. They love someone sharing with their friends and they love people coming to their page saying someone sent them. Why? Because it shows that you care enough about their page to share it. And the person going there is liking that sponsors page and by giving thanks to the person who sent them there is respectful enough to say they liked that page because of you!

It doesn’t take a sponsor long to clean up their page and actually a sponsor has a choice to block posting on their walls. If they didn;t want you to post they have the option to exclude it. Also, there are actually 2 sections to the postings. One is reserved only for the sponsors posts so people can weed out whomever is not the sponsor by clicking on that or they have the option to see what everybody is saying by clicking most recent on the subject header on the sponsors wall. This shows everyone including the sponsor.

What makes it so special that you should give thanks?

Often times as contesters we go to a wall because we saw a friend or many friends going there. This is the reason we are here and also have a chance to win a random draw. However, many sponsors will occasionally be so happy that they are getting so many new fans that this is where the key element comes in. Essentially you are referring your friends. Either through newsfeed, statuses, they see you liking the page from the side bar or they see a popup comment and they are also going there to like the page and also be entered. But what if the sponsor sees that people are giving thanks to one another for introducing them to the page. This would certainly make me as a sponsor happy. It encourages the sponsor to dig a little deeper for a few extra prizes. It makes the sponsor feel appreciated and certainly when someone gives me thanks it also makes me feel good.

The sponsor sees you being thanked

So the sponsor sees you being the primary person being thanked. Maybe they had originally intended to give out 1 prize! Maybe now that they see people thanking you for inviting them they will up the ante and give out extra prizes! You never know. It has happened in many contests I have been in and won and it continues to happen in current contests that even I am not a part of but see in my newsfeed. A current one in particular…Valencia on Facebook has ow just upped it from one prize to I believe 3 prizes. al because people are arriving and showing the love and saying they were sent there. It takes but a quick moment to give thanks and respect the person you are there because of.

Don’t be Greedy

Now there are times when this may be inappropriate. For example if you see a friend enter, please don;t contest steal from your friend. If for example your friend entered, don;t send 100 of your friends to say you sent them and steal the limelight from the original person who you got it from. If for example this is a wide open as in worldwide event where all those extreme coupon and extreme money savers are going because of a blog, then by all means feel free.

If this is a small sponsor whose likes are well under a 1000 people then I suggest allowing your contest friend to try and sway the opinion of the sponsor. By going there yourself and giving thanks without spreading the word is the best respect you can show a fellow contester.

It doesn’t always work

This method of contesting by petting the sponsor’s ego doesn’t always work. Sometimes you have to know when to fold them and give in. I watched one particular friend of mine who followed me to a sponsors doorstep and no matter how many times she coddled the sponsor and sent friends and made statements about how much she loved the sponsor, they turned a blind eye towards her. Knowing when to fold and accept the fact they may not give out another prize is the learning part. it is like getting a poker hand. You have to know when to fold and move on. Don;t be disappointed, just don’t try so hard to please others when it isn’t going to happen.

You can always tell

Sponsors are like a pet. They like to be petted. They have big egos and you can always tell when they are happy. They will give thanks and praise. They will interact heavily with their new found success and it is so easy to see this. If the sponsor is ignoring everyone, rarely comes on, hardly posts an update, your beating a dirty carpet abusively. It is time to give up then. So as in Poker, learn when to fold.

Stay safe and happy contesting my friends. If you enjoy my short articles, please feel free to share the love and sign up by email for the latest or you can follow with Google connect.

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Sharing is Caring! a story by Contest Trucker tips and techniques

Sharing is Caring

We see it all the time. Whether through Facebook Newsfeed, Facebook timeline on the right side, Twitter or even occasionally through our emails. Friends who enter contest after contest and sometimes we remember them and sometimes not. There is also a lot of contests that are not highly publicized and this is what the point of this article is about. Sharing those contests.

We all love to win. Whether randomly or through voting. Whichever you choose is ultimately up to you, but what about those contests that are a little obscure. What about those contests that we see a friend has won and we never even knew about it. What about those contests which we find and none of our other friends have seen yet. What if we find that latest freebie and no one else is hip to it yet? Well again Sharing is a key word here.

How do we share?

Sharing is probably the biggest thing among contesters. We feed off each other’s contests through our walls and through our other mediums. We can’t always be on and yet there are so many contests to enter that at times it can be sensory overload. It would be nice though if a friend would share these contests or freebies so that if you don’t get in right away you can always enter later.

What can we do to share?

Sharing is very simple. It takes no more than one minute to go through a chat and let our friends know who are geographically able to enter the contest or get the freebie that it is going on now. Occasionally I will get a chat popup with a new contest, but there are some friends who win these obscure contests that I know they have not shared. Now I know we all try our best, but usually every contest has some form of spreading the word. Emails, Facebook likes, twitter likes, Google connect, sharing on Facebook buttons or other similar methods.

As an example, when I see a freebie, I do my entry first so obviously I don’t miss out. Once I have done that I begin to go through my chat and spread the word. I know that within a few minutes it is going to go viral as friends and their friends and friends of those friends are soon going to see it and it will be over in minutes. I miss out on lots of opportunities. For example the free Bacon and the free Bread coupons no one shared the love with me and I have missed out on every giveaway. I am sure some of my friends got some of those coupons but it takes only a second to say hey watch the page so we are aware in case we have forgotten. Now granted 500 coupons as a giveaway is nothing. These would be swooped up in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. The point being is we at least have to share and get the word out to try.

So the bottom line is that if you see a contest. If you see a giveaway. If you see a freebie. Be sure to spread the word and share the love. We all want in on it and a chance to win as much as you do too!

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To Mse or not to Mse Contest Trucker Tips and Techniques

To Mse or not to Mse that is the question

It has frequently been asked what does Mse mean? what do those three little letters stand for? I of course also had that same burning question once long ago. And so I asked someone what it meant. In my mind, I saw a lot of women had it so I was perplexed if it meant like Mademoiselle or another term of Miss or Misses in the English language. Well the term was explained to me as “Money Saving Expert” or Mse in short form.

Well I thought I had latched on to a good thing. A whole hidden cache of a network of voters. What I found though just simply blew me away and now when I see the word Mse I simply give my head a shake because to me they are obviously not Money Saving Experts in any sense of the word. And I will back up my argument in the next few paragraphs below.

The term Money Saving Expert was coined by a website called Martin Lewis’ Money Expert Savings. It is a wealth of information based out of the UK and aimed solely for those in the UK. Primarily it is akin to using SmartCanucks and Coolcanucks or other websites which promote freebies, coupons and contests.

This term however, in the Canadian sense of the word is nothing like what I see our fellow Canadian counterparts doing. For example to me, as I read it a Money Saving Expert would be open to both saving money, getting freebies and helping each other out whenever we can to get anything for free. In the English sense of the word, I see a Money Saving Expert as a follow the leader type dependent upon a random contest. They won’t or very few will help out a fellow contester when it comes to voting contests and as a matter of fact I have been unfriended by many of these Mse who to put it mildly are using the term Mse quote erroneously. It should rather be called It’s all about Mse (Me)…or what’s in it for Mse (Me)…puns intended. I find they are rather self indulgent and hypocritical entering all types of contests, but when it comes to being asked for a vote they will unfriend you, hide, turn off their chat or otherwise be snooty about the whole idea including backbiting those who do enter a voting contest and have asked for votes. (I have been around for a few years so I know what I am talking about here).

However, what is one person’s Mse is another person’s treasure idea at getting something for free. So if you are an Mse reading this don’t be too hasty to think that we in the North American world are no different than you. We jump at the chance to enter referral contests the same as what I have seen many Mse do. We jump at the chance for random contests the same as many Mse do. The only difference is that a lot of our contests are primarily based on voting to win and regardless of what your personal opinion is, it still should be thought of as an Mse idea. Free is free no matter how you word it. Contest, Random, Voting, Mse, Referral or any other word similar. If one can get it for free, they are an Mse in my books!

So the question remains. To Mse or not to Mse? If you are entering a voting contest in North American Contests my suggestion is to avoid Mse individuals. Certainly you can friend them but when it comes time to asking for votes, you won’t have a pot to piss in. If you are a random contester based in North American, again, the UK contests are primarily not open to US or Canadian Contesters. So in all honesty and based on my opinion only it is better to not Mse and stick with your fellow US and Canadian contesters. Besides if you are like some contesters I know and win everything they enter then will be nothing left for you or Mse (Me) anyways!

Thanks for reading Contest Trucker tips and techniques. Feel free to sign up for my blogs. You may not like everything I write, but I tell what I see and I aim to please no one except the ladies when i use the toilet 🙂 Have fun and happy contesting.

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The ever changing Facebook by Contest Trucker

Facebook is always changing

Facebook is like a motor. It is never fully tuned and the more you drive it, the more it breaks down and serviced. Sometimes these changes are good, sometimes they are bad. Take for example the new Facebook chat and message. Before you could never find a message. Now Facebook actually keeps and stores those messages for you so that a conversation you had a year ago is actually archived in your messages that you had with someone.

The effects of this can be both good or bad. If you have short term memory well then this is a good thing. If you have been busy flirting with every girl on Facebook and your wife happens to check into your account, well….need I say what could happen to you!!

Liking a page to win

Until recently a lot of competitions on Facebook were based on Facebook Page Likes.This meant that people were asking others to like a page to be declared a winner. Facebook then came up with a policy that stated that liking a page solely to win competitions could not be used through Facebook.


Then Facebook started messing around with Newsfeed. Some people who were getting all their newsfeed material were now lacking because they had to set certain options which allowed more newsfeed items to filter through. Now how does this affect you as a contester? Your missing lots of contests if you see little through your newsfeed!


Next Facebook played with the adding friends lists. Where before you could find and add friends, now it is next to impossible to find and add new friends unless you stalk the list of your friends to add others. What did this mean to us? We could not find and add new contesting friends on our own.

Tattletale of what your doing

Then Facebook got real fancy. Previously people could only see what you were doing if you allowed them to see what you were doing. Now Facebook pops it up in a little window and on the right hand side of the page is like a mini little who is doing what tattletale.

Picture Uploading

Then Facebook started playing around with the pictures setting so that there are now more options when uploading a picture.


The biggest kicker was that Facebook started banning accounts because of names. Having names like “Contest” in them was being overridden by Facebook and some had their accounts locked. So Facebook allowed changes to names, but the settings were only allowed to be changed once in a blue moon. Meaning if you wanted to change your name frequently you were S.O.L.

All in all some of the changes to Facebook have been good. Some have been redundant and some have been overkill. My opinion is that Facebook keeps trying to revolutionize the way instant communication is handled and yet censors what we do and whom we can friend.

So my question to you is this my fellow friends and readers. Has Facebook made a change that you were happy with and have they made a negative decision you did not agree with? Has the changes Facebook made increased your contesting performance or hindered it? Thanks for reading. if you like my blogs, please feel free to sign up and follow along with me.

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Voting Contest Numbers by Contest Trucker

The Numbers

After 2 years of doing and watching many voting contests it often astounds me as to the numbers of voters some people can get who just fly out of the woodwork and you have never heard of them or seen them before. So I have compiled a list of statistics that will guide you in your quest to be the top voted person out there.

How many voters do I have through chat?

Statistically, the average contester has between 500 and 1500 friends on their list. Not all these persons will vote for you. At any given time only 50 may be online to chat in your continent. Of the 50 you may get in a 12 hour period which accounts for the time zone changes you may get 30 of these persons to vote for you. Thus in a daily period through chat the average contester can average 60 votes through a chat method. This number may fluctuate on a day to day basis depending on the day which Saturday and Sunday will see a drop in these numbers.

Voters through Events

Voters who are invited to events are steadily on the decline. Of the few events I have put together, I have averaged a turnout average of 7 votes in an entire day. The reason? Events are being overused. They are being used by every contester at the drop of a hat and people just don’t have the time to attend every event that they are sent. Most contesters have found that it is easier just to decline or delete the request.

Voters through Email

Email votes through your entire friends list would average about 6 for every 1000 persons you sent an email too. Again the time for a person to open and actually read the email is few and far between. As contesters, we get hundreds of email messages in a day and most by and large are just deleted as soon as they hit our inbox.

Voters through 1 for 1 exchange vote groups

Votes done through 1 for 1 groups can vary. They can average from 10 to 80 in a day depending on your contest. If it is a 1x vote the numbers drop as the days go by and if it is a daily, the numbers can remain consistent. However, just remember that you have to vote down the entire wall also and this would be for every wall you place your link on.

Get Online Votes, Smartcanucks, Coolcanucks

By now if you have placed your link in these sites, you will notice that your numbers have dropped considerably. You may get the odd straggler who will vote. In my estimation between the 3 sites you will be lucky to get 8 votes in a day. Why? Because most of the persons who are voting for you through the other forms have already voted for you.

let’s add up the numbers

So after doing all these things. Your numbers can average on the low end at least 91 for a mediocre contester.on a daily basis. A high quality contester who devotes themselves full time to the task of winning can average on a daily basis upwards of 161 votes. In my opinion anyone who gets more than this would have me looking and questioning. However, they may not in fact be cheating. Remember that in my original statement I said the average contester has between 500 and 1500 friends. Facebook allows a 5000 friend limit so getting more votes does not necessarily mean they are cheating. They may be a large group of friends who are working together. They may be students whom we know are usually always helping each other out through friends of friends. They could have blogs, youtube followers or they could be using other forms of media to attract attention. Whatever the case we have to think before we speak. If you suspect that someone is cheating, just because their wall is closed does not mean they necessarily are cheating.

So I ask you friends. what is the highest vote total you have ever accumulated in a day from your voters? Was it lower than my average? Higher than the average I presented? Was it in between? What was the highest numbers you saw a competitor get and questioned it? Thanks for reading and if you enjoy my blogs please follow by email or Google connect.

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Popular places to get votes

Where to get votes

So here is the question. You have a contest. You have voters, but it appears far too little. So where do I get votes from? How can you increase your voting strength? (This article does not warrant the use express or implied that the writer uses these locations for votes. This article also does not represent that using these sites is also ethical express or implied. Use of these sites is strictly your call and up to your contest sponsor. Please check with your sponsor before using these sites.)

There are a number of sites which are designed to maximize your voting requests. These sites are generally called exchange voting sites which as the name implies means that you vote for that person and they will return your vote. There are also other sites where you post your vote and “hope for the best”. We will look at some of these sites now and in no way is this a complete list since more and more sites are popping up, being created or being deleted on a daily basis.

On Facebook

Facebook hosts a variety of places to seek votes. Any search using the keyword “vote” will bring up a host of these places. Here is but a few of the more popular sites;











I have listed 10 here, but there are literally hundreds more. Votes here can be traded one for one or with multiple accounts on an as needed basis. As I have said before, I do not condone the use of these sites and in doing so you assume all risk and liability for using them if the contest you are in does not allow the use of such sites.

Off Facebook

There are other sites which are off Facebook that you can also use to gather vote trading. Let;s look at the top 3 sites which are widely used.

Again by no means is this list complete, but it gives one a starting point on where to get votes off Facebook. Again I also state that I do not condone the use of such sites and in doing so you assume all risk and liability if your contest sponsor disqualifies you for using such techniques.

There are of course other sites which are not in the English Language and using again the keyword Vote in searches will bring them up on Facebook or the world wide Web.

The traditional method of using these however is quickly falling by the wayside as more and more “screen shots” are presented to the sponsor in the hopes that the person telling this information to the sponsor will have the person using these forums disqualified. Some sponsors condone the use of these sites and other sponsors do not which leads to disqualifications. Sometimes it is easier to be more secretive than to be so open and find out after that the sponsor did not agree with your decision to place an ad looking for votes.

Back to Facebook

A number of things can also be done to increase support for your entry. Make a Group page on Facebook to add supporters. In doing so you can add members to your page and in turn your friends can also add their friends to make a viral voting community. Creating a group page is easy and anyone can do it. Simply start by clicking “home” then look in the left hand column where it says “create group” and follow the instructions, add friends and presto you are done. Not only does this allow the comfort of a quiet group room it also allows for a place to chat directly with those who are involved in your contest.

Make a Facebook page

Making a Facebook Page is also easy. Facebook provides templates so much of the work is already done. You can name the page anything you like, even naming it the current contest your in like “vote for me in the xxx contest!” page. In order to create a Facebook page you simply go to another Facebook page that you already like and under the the likes of any other Facebook page it says “create a page” which you click, follow the instructions and upload a photo to be used for your page. Very easy and simple and you can promote this page to any new followers or friends on Facebook. Even co-workers and family can share the link.

Whatever the choice you choose, have fun contesting and enjoy your contest wins or your attempts to win. Don’t fret if you don’t win for the matter is very simple. If you didn’t own it in the first place, then it wasn’t yours to begin with so there is no point in crying over spilled milk. Or in this case a lost contest.

Thanks for reading and if you enjoy my blog, please share the love with your friends so that I can have more followers.

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