Contest Trucker Tips and Techniques Sharing the Love


We all see it. So and so sent me to this page. I am here because of so and so. Whichever way we word it, this is sharing.Now don;t get me confused. There is sharing with the intention of winning and there is sharing with the intention of giving thanks to the person who referred you to the page. That is what the subject of this blog is about. Sharing and giving thanks to your fellow contesters for sending you to them. Why you ask? Well I will highlight the key points of this further on.

Sponsors Love it

Now some of you may disagree with this point, but sponsors love being shared. They love someone sharing with their friends and they love people coming to their page saying someone sent them. Why? Because it shows that you care enough about their page to share it. And the person going there is liking that sponsors page and by giving thanks to the person who sent them there is respectful enough to say they liked that page because of you!

It doesn’t take a sponsor long to clean up their page and actually a sponsor has a choice to block posting on their walls. If they didn;t want you to post they have the option to exclude it. Also, there are actually 2 sections to the postings. One is reserved only for the sponsors posts so people can weed out whomever is not the sponsor by clicking on that or they have the option to see what everybody is saying by clicking most recent on the subject header on the sponsors wall. This shows everyone including the sponsor.

What makes it so special that you should give thanks?

Often times as contesters we go to a wall because we saw a friend or many friends going there. This is the reason we are here and also have a chance to win a random draw. However, many sponsors will occasionally be so happy that they are getting so many new fans that this is where the key element comes in. Essentially you are referring your friends. Either through newsfeed, statuses, they see you liking the page from the side bar or they see a popup comment and they are also going there to like the page and also be entered. But what if the sponsor sees that people are giving thanks to one another for introducing them to the page. This would certainly make me as a sponsor happy. It encourages the sponsor to dig a little deeper for a few extra prizes. It makes the sponsor feel appreciated and certainly when someone gives me thanks it also makes me feel good.

The sponsor sees you being thanked

So the sponsor sees you being the primary person being thanked. Maybe they had originally intended to give out 1 prize! Maybe now that they see people thanking you for inviting them they will up the ante and give out extra prizes! You never know. It has happened in many contests I have been in and won and it continues to happen in current contests that even I am not a part of but see in my newsfeed. A current one in particular…Valencia on Facebook has ow just upped it from one prize to I believe 3 prizes. al because people are arriving and showing the love and saying they were sent there. It takes but a quick moment to give thanks and respect the person you are there because of.

Don’t be Greedy

Now there are times when this may be inappropriate. For example if you see a friend enter, please don;t contest steal from your friend. If for example your friend entered, don;t send 100 of your friends to say you sent them and steal the limelight from the original person who you got it from. If for example this is a wide open as in worldwide event where all those extreme coupon and extreme money savers are going because of a blog, then by all means feel free.

If this is a small sponsor whose likes are well under a 1000 people then I suggest allowing your contest friend to try and sway the opinion of the sponsor. By going there yourself and giving thanks without spreading the word is the best respect you can show a fellow contester.

It doesn’t always work

This method of contesting by petting the sponsor’s ego doesn’t always work. Sometimes you have to know when to fold them and give in. I watched one particular friend of mine who followed me to a sponsors doorstep and no matter how many times she coddled the sponsor and sent friends and made statements about how much she loved the sponsor, they turned a blind eye towards her. Knowing when to fold and accept the fact they may not give out another prize is the learning part. it is like getting a poker hand. You have to know when to fold and move on. Don;t be disappointed, just don’t try so hard to please others when it isn’t going to happen.

You can always tell

Sponsors are like a pet. They like to be petted. They have big egos and you can always tell when they are happy. They will give thanks and praise. They will interact heavily with their new found success and it is so easy to see this. If the sponsor is ignoring everyone, rarely comes on, hardly posts an update, your beating a dirty carpet abusively. It is time to give up then. So as in Poker, learn when to fold.

Stay safe and happy contesting my friends. If you enjoy my short articles, please feel free to share the love and sign up by email for the latest or you can follow with Google connect.

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One thought on “Contest Trucker Tips and Techniques Sharing the Love

  1. I have to disagree with you on this Roger. You know me. lol. Unless it is a referral contest, I don’t agree with cluttering a sponsor’s page with people posting “So and so sent me”. There are a few sponsors who do like this, but a lot of them don’t. As for them blocking their page to posts, why should they feel they have to do that? Again, of course if it is a referral contest, the sure.

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