Sharing is Caring! a story by Contest Trucker tips and techniques

Sharing is Caring

We see it all the time. Whether through Facebook Newsfeed, Facebook timeline on the right side, Twitter or even occasionally through our emails. Friends who enter contest after contest and sometimes we remember them and sometimes not. There is also a lot of contests that are not highly publicized and this is what the point of this article is about. Sharing those contests.

We all love to win. Whether randomly or through voting. Whichever you choose is ultimately up to you, but what about those contests that are a little obscure. What about those contests that we see a friend has won and we never even knew about it. What about those contests which we find and none of our other friends have seen yet. What if we find that latest freebie and no one else is hip to it yet? Well again Sharing is a key word here.

How do we share?

Sharing is probably the biggest thing among contesters. We feed off each other’s contests through our walls and through our other mediums. We can’t always be on and yet there are so many contests to enter that at times it can be sensory overload. It would be nice though if a friend would share these contests or freebies so that if you don’t get in right away you can always enter later.

What can we do to share?

Sharing is very simple. It takes no more than one minute to go through a chat and let our friends know who are geographically able to enter the contest or get the freebie that it is going on now. Occasionally I will get a chat popup with a new contest, but there are some friends who win these obscure contests that I know they have not shared. Now I know we all try our best, but usually every contest has some form of spreading the word. Emails, Facebook likes, twitter likes, Google connect, sharing on Facebook buttons or other similar methods.

As an example, when I see a freebie, I do my entry first so obviously I don’t miss out. Once I have done that I begin to go through my chat and spread the word. I know that within a few minutes it is going to go viral as friends and their friends and friends of those friends are soon going to see it and it will be over in minutes. I miss out on lots of opportunities. For example the free Bacon and the free Bread coupons no one shared the love with me and I have missed out on every giveaway. I am sure some of my friends got some of those coupons but it takes only a second to say hey watch the page so we are aware in case we have forgotten. Now granted 500 coupons as a giveaway is nothing. These would be swooped up in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. The point being is we at least have to share and get the word out to try.

So the bottom line is that if you see a contest. If you see a giveaway. If you see a freebie. Be sure to spread the word and share the love. We all want in on it and a chance to win as much as you do too!

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