To Mse or not to Mse Contest Trucker Tips and Techniques

To Mse or not to Mse that is the question

It has frequently been asked what does Mse mean? what do those three little letters stand for? I of course also had that same burning question once long ago. And so I asked someone what it meant. In my mind, I saw a lot of women had it so I was perplexed if it meant like Mademoiselle or another term of Miss or Misses in the English language. Well the term was explained to me as “Money Saving Expert” or Mse in short form.

Well I thought I had latched on to a good thing. A whole hidden cache of a network of voters. What I found though just simply blew me away and now when I see the word Mse I simply give my head a shake because to me they are obviously not Money Saving Experts in any sense of the word. And I will back up my argument in the next few paragraphs below.

The term Money Saving Expert was coined by a website called Martin Lewis’ Money Expert Savings. It is a wealth of information based out of the UK and aimed solely for those in the UK. Primarily it is akin to using SmartCanucks and Coolcanucks or other websites which promote freebies, coupons and contests.

This term however, in the Canadian sense of the word is nothing like what I see our fellow Canadian counterparts doing. For example to me, as I read it a Money Saving Expert would be open to both saving money, getting freebies and helping each other out whenever we can to get anything for free. In the English sense of the word, I see a Money Saving Expert as a follow the leader type dependent upon a random contest. They won’t or very few will help out a fellow contester when it comes to voting contests and as a matter of fact I have been unfriended by many of these Mse who to put it mildly are using the term Mse quote erroneously. It should rather be called It’s all about Mse (Me)…or what’s in it for Mse (Me)…puns intended. I find they are rather self indulgent and hypocritical entering all types of contests, but when it comes to being asked for a vote they will unfriend you, hide, turn off their chat or otherwise be snooty about the whole idea including backbiting those who do enter a voting contest and have asked for votes. (I have been around for a few years so I know what I am talking about here).

However, what is one person’s Mse is another person’s treasure idea at getting something for free. So if you are an Mse reading this don’t be too hasty to think that we in the North American world are no different than you. We jump at the chance to enter referral contests the same as what I have seen many Mse do. We jump at the chance for random contests the same as many Mse do. The only difference is that a lot of our contests are primarily based on voting to win and regardless of what your personal opinion is, it still should be thought of as an Mse idea. Free is free no matter how you word it. Contest, Random, Voting, Mse, Referral or any other word similar. If one can get it for free, they are an Mse in my books!

So the question remains. To Mse or not to Mse? If you are entering a voting contest in North American Contests my suggestion is to avoid Mse individuals. Certainly you can friend them but when it comes time to asking for votes, you won’t have a pot to piss in. If you are a random contester based in North American, again, the UK contests are primarily not open to US or Canadian Contesters. So in all honesty and based on my opinion only it is better to not Mse and stick with your fellow US and Canadian contesters. Besides if you are like some contesters I know and win everything they enter then will be nothing left for you or Mse (Me) anyways!

Thanks for reading Contest Trucker tips and techniques. Feel free to sign up for my blogs. You may not like everything I write, but I tell what I see and I aim to please no one except the ladies when i use the toilet 🙂 Have fun and happy contesting.

Contest Trucker.


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