The ever changing Facebook by Contest Trucker

Facebook is always changing

Facebook is like a motor. It is never fully tuned and the more you drive it, the more it breaks down and serviced. Sometimes these changes are good, sometimes they are bad. Take for example the new Facebook chat and message. Before you could never find a message. Now Facebook actually keeps and stores those messages for you so that a conversation you had a year ago is actually archived in your messages that you had with someone.

The effects of this can be both good or bad. If you have short term memory well then this is a good thing. If you have been busy flirting with every girl on Facebook and your wife happens to check into your account, well….need I say what could happen to you!!

Liking a page to win

Until recently a lot of competitions on Facebook were based on Facebook Page Likes.This meant that people were asking others to like a page to be declared a winner. Facebook then came up with a policy that stated that liking a page solely to win competitions could not be used through Facebook.


Then Facebook started messing around with Newsfeed. Some people who were getting all their newsfeed material were now lacking because they had to set certain options which allowed more newsfeed items to filter through. Now how does this affect you as a contester? Your missing lots of contests if you see little through your newsfeed!


Next Facebook played with the adding friends lists. Where before you could find and add friends, now it is next to impossible to find and add new friends unless you stalk the list of your friends to add others. What did this mean to us? We could not find and add new contesting friends on our own.

Tattletale of what your doing

Then Facebook got real fancy. Previously people could only see what you were doing if you allowed them to see what you were doing. Now Facebook pops it up in a little window and on the right hand side of the page is like a mini little who is doing what tattletale.

Picture Uploading

Then Facebook started playing around with the pictures setting so that there are now more options when uploading a picture.


The biggest kicker was that Facebook started banning accounts because of names. Having names like “Contest” in them was being overridden by Facebook and some had their accounts locked. So Facebook allowed changes to names, but the settings were only allowed to be changed once in a blue moon. Meaning if you wanted to change your name frequently you were S.O.L.

All in all some of the changes to Facebook have been good. Some have been redundant and some have been overkill. My opinion is that Facebook keeps trying to revolutionize the way instant communication is handled and yet censors what we do and whom we can friend.

So my question to you is this my fellow friends and readers. Has Facebook made a change that you were happy with and have they made a negative decision you did not agree with? Has the changes Facebook made increased your contesting performance or hindered it? Thanks for reading. if you like my blogs, please feel free to sign up and follow along with me.

Contest Trucker


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