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The Numbers

After 2 years of doing and watching many voting contests it often astounds me as to the numbers of voters some people can get who just fly out of the woodwork and you have never heard of them or seen them before. So I have compiled a list of statistics that will guide you in your quest to be the top voted person out there.

How many voters do I have through chat?

Statistically, the average contester has between 500 and 1500 friends on their list. Not all these persons will vote for you. At any given time only 50 may be online to chat in your continent. Of the 50 you may get in a 12 hour period which accounts for the time zone changes you may get 30 of these persons to vote for you. Thus in a daily period through chat the average contester can average 60 votes through a chat method. This number may fluctuate on a day to day basis depending on the day which Saturday and Sunday will see a drop in these numbers.

Voters through Events

Voters who are invited to events are steadily on the decline. Of the few events I have put together, I have averaged a turnout average of 7 votes in an entire day. The reason? Events are being overused. They are being used by every contester at the drop of a hat and people just don’t have the time to attend every event that they are sent. Most contesters have found that it is easier just to decline or delete the request.

Voters through Email

Email votes through your entire friends list would average about 6 for every 1000 persons you sent an email too. Again the time for a person to open and actually read the email is few and far between. As contesters, we get hundreds of email messages in a day and most by and large are just deleted as soon as they hit our inbox.

Voters through 1 for 1 exchange vote groups

Votes done through 1 for 1 groups can vary. They can average from 10 to 80 in a day depending on your contest. If it is a 1x vote the numbers drop as the days go by and if it is a daily, the numbers can remain consistent. However, just remember that you have to vote down the entire wall also and this would be for every wall you place your link on.

Get Online Votes, Smartcanucks, Coolcanucks

By now if you have placed your link in these sites, you will notice that your numbers have dropped considerably. You may get the odd straggler who will vote. In my estimation between the 3 sites you will be lucky to get 8 votes in a day. Why? Because most of the persons who are voting for you through the other forms have already voted for you.

let’s add up the numbers

So after doing all these things. Your numbers can average on the low end at least 91 for a mediocre contester.on a daily basis. A high quality contester who devotes themselves full time to the task of winning can average on a daily basis upwards of 161 votes. In my opinion anyone who gets more than this would have me looking and questioning. However, they may not in fact be cheating. Remember that in my original statement I said the average contester has between 500 and 1500 friends. Facebook allows a 5000 friend limit so getting more votes does not necessarily mean they are cheating. They may be a large group of friends who are working together. They may be students whom we know are usually always helping each other out through friends of friends. They could have blogs, youtube followers or they could be using other forms of media to attract attention. Whatever the case we have to think before we speak. If you suspect that someone is cheating, just because their wall is closed does not mean they necessarily are cheating.

So I ask you friends. what is the highest vote total you have ever accumulated in a day from your voters? Was it lower than my average? Higher than the average I presented? Was it in between? What was the highest numbers you saw a competitor get and questioned it? Thanks for reading and if you enjoy my blogs please follow by email or Google connect.

Contest Trucker


2 thoughts on “Voting Contest Numbers by Contest Trucker

  1. In my last contest where I got screwed by an overzealous female dog, I was getting in the 70 – 80 range. That was pretty good. Enough to place first overall. Mind you, there was that person that managed a vote every other second that showed up second last day and swore it was his Hong Kong factory worker friends that were voting for him. An amazing 3546 of them. He said he wasn’t lying, so I believe him.

  2. In my last contest I was averaging 20-30 votes a day by posting on my status a few times I could have gotten more if I tried harder. I have stopped doing voting competitions recently as like you say people come out of the woodwork and win so I don’t see the point in spending a lot of time getting votes :(. Good luck with your comps.

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